The Fastest, Easiest & Pain-free Way To Remove Snot And Mucus From Your Baby's Nose
The Snot Sucker Is...
Easy To Use
"Everyone should have one of these and toss their bulb syringe!"
Easy To Clean
"I love this aspirator. Great suction, easy to handle, gentle on my babies nose and keeps a long charge."
Delivers Gentle Suction
"This is a very clever and extremely useful device. I don't know what I would have done without it,particularly when baby gets a cold and a runny nose."
& Not Too Noisy
"This was a life saver during my daughters cold."
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What Is The Snot Sucker?
Glad You Asked! Quite Simply, The Snot Sucker Is A Little Vacuum For Tiny Noses That Is Used To Suck That Hard To Reach Mucus In Your Little Loved Ones Nose.