How Do You Clean The Snot Sucker?
IMPORTANT: The Snot Sucker is not waterproof. Do not submerge in water. Simply open the detachable tips and the collection cup and clean with hot soapy water until mucus is clear.

Can Mucus Go Inside The Device Body?
Sponges (included in box) placed within the upper funnel section will stop the mucus dripping inside the Snot Sucker.

How Can I Clean The Snot Sucker If Mucus Goes Inside?
Excess mucus can be wiped away with regular baby wipes or clean towel.

Where Can I Buy A Replacement Parts For My Snot Sucker (Silicone Tip / Filters)?
Please contact us via our contact form on this website.

How Often Must You Change The Filters?
It is recommended that filters be washed/changed after each use. The filters can be washed and reused. There are 7 filters included with the Snot Sucker.

Can I Use The Snot Sucker For My Toddler?
Yes - Recommended use up to 8 years old.

How Loud Is The Snot Sucker?
About 70db - The equivalent sound level of taking a shower.

How Do You Know When The Snot Sucker Is Fully Charged?
A green LED light on the Snot Sucker indicates it's fully charged.

Does The Snot Sucker Include A Battery?
The Snot Sucker is recharged via USB. No batteries required.